Evan Wimer, Chairman and CEO

Responsible for the oversight of the C360 organization, Mr. Wimer is the primary spokesperson to investors, shareholders, clients, strategic alliances and the media. 

Evan Wimer has nearly 30 years of management experience and was an award-winning Designer and Art Director during his years in the communication industry. He has managed national accounts such as CBS Broadcasting, Heinz USA and the U.S. Department of Energy. A few of his awards include: the esteemed American Institute of Graphic Artists (AIGA) award, American Advertising Federation ADDY® award, and International Mercury award. Mr. Wimer holds a Degree in Design and Communications from the Art Institute where he graduated in 1988 with honors and also received a certificate in Technology Commercialization from Carnegie Mellon in 2000. 

Mr. Wimer provides leadership and is involved in all key decisions at C360. Mr. Wimer has raised both venture and private capital for C360 and maintains relationships with many senior business executives within the broadcast, entertainment and aerospace industries. As CEO, Mr. Wimer helped C360 raise  early seed and Series A funding. Prior to co-founding C360 Technologies, Inc., Mr. Wimer co-founded Innermedia, Inc., a fourteen-year old software company that has developed a number of propriety data-rich applications that visualize complex analytic reporting.

Mr. Wimer draws upon a seasoned career of design and communications clients while directing many of them during their product development and leads them to building their brands. Since becoming an entrepreneur, Mr. Wimer has overseen product life cycles and ecosystems of both service and product-driven businesses. These unique experiences have helped fortify Mr. Wimer with a clear vision for C360 while remaining rudimentary when it comes to sales and relationship building. 

Mr. Wimer has served as a board member with several entities and held the position in 2003 as Chairman of the National Business Advisory Council. During that same year he was named 2003 Businessman of the Year by the National Congressional Committee. 

Joe Tomko, Co-FOUNDER, Chief Operations Officer & Creative Director

Since earning his BFA in Design from Carnegie Mellon University, Mr. Tomko has gained 30+ years of professional experience and maintains associations with a variety of partners, strategically aligning C360 for growth. His visionary skills, several national award-winning design solutions, and passion for technology and user experience has been integral to advancing the C360 brand. Mr. Tomko is responsible for securing initial angel funding and is intimately involved in Productization, Application GUI, User Experience, Field Operations, and Client & Event Management, and all key decisions within the company.

Brian Lowry, Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Lowry is charged with the innovation of C360’s enterprise solutions as well as bringing new technologies to market. Furthermore, his responsibilities include competitive/emerging technologies research, strategy, support and patent writing. He also heads the design, development, and implementation of software architecture platforms, partner integration, and product releases. Mr. Lowry graduated from the University of Pittsburgh on a Provost Scholarship, has a BS in Physics & Electrical Engineering, and is influential in high-level business decisions.