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C360 is a different kind of 360/VR company. We don’t stitch or require custom multi-headed cameras to produce our stunning 6-10K immersive video. 

We’ve been working in the industry since 2008 pioneering original 360 technologies that continue to deliver the highest quality non-stitched immersive video to date. Our live output for broadcast and OTT platforms coupled with the industries smallest immersive camera footprint is unique from other professional immersive organizations. C360 delivers multiple HD-SDI outputs directly to the broadcast backhaul for live television events. At the same time, C360 also delivers a 4K stream to OTT platforms for distribution across VR and second screen (magic screen) applications. Unlimited users are empowered to control their view independent of everyone else watching the same stream.

Our proprietary process and ultra high-quality output has earned us relationships with Fox Sports, CBS Sports, ESPN, TNT, NASCAR, NFL, NHL, UFC, Google, Intel and many others. 

The 360/VR revolution has started, request a demo today to evaluate for yourself why C360 has the highest quality immersive video in market.


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